How to know how many people have visited my site?

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I would recommend you to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to track information about your site including:

  • The number of people that have visited your site.
  • The geographical location from where your site’s traffic is coming from.
  • The length of time that your visitors stay on each page.
  • The keywords that are used to find your site.

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google account. Google bought Urchin Software Corporation in April 2005 and used that company’s Urchin on Demand product as the basis for its current service.


The statistics can be broken down to individual pages so you can see the traffic on each page.

To use Google Analytics:

  1. Click here to create an account.
  2. Follow the instructions provided to retrieve your Tracking ID.
  3. Sign in to your Wix account.
  4. Hover over Subscriptions.
  5. Click Domains.
  6. Click the domain connected to the site you want to track.
  7. Click the Analytics tab.
  8. Enter the Tracking ID. Paste the code in the format: UA-1111111-1.
  9. Click Submit.

Important: You start receiving data on your site within one week. To access your statistics and data, click here.

Resurce : Wix Support

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